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Welcome to Mary of Nazareth Catholic School Library

Use the navigation tabs at the TOP of each page to access the following areas of the library.

The LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION area is only for the library administrator. It is not accessible to teachers, students, or staff.

When searching the library holdings, ALWAYS use the navigation menu located on the left side of the screen. Using the browser buttons, especially the forward and back buttons, may result in a system error. If the program displays a system error, reload the page and press continue.

Check Books IN and OUT

Use this tab to manage your member records.
  • Member administration (new, search, edit, delete)
  • Member item checkout, holds, account, and history
  • Item checkin and shelving cart list
Enter/Edit Library Book Information

Use this tab to manage your item records.
  • Item administration (new, search, edit, delete)
Library Administration

Use this tab to manage staff and administrative records.
  • Staff administration (new, edit, password, delete)
  • General library settings
  • Library collection list
  • Library material type list
  • Library theme editor

Use this tab to run reports on your library data.
  • Report.
  • Labels.

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